Clover Chord Systems is a software specialized for writing chord chart and lead sheet.
Chord charts and Lead sheets are commonly used in popular music, using chords, hits. However, commonly used music notation software is mainly made to write an Orchestra scores,which makes it complicated and time consuming.



  • Our original chord input system will save your time drastically compared to the existing software, and the interface is as simple and easy as writing on a piece of paper.
  • You can input any chords by within three clicks. Choose a root, quality, and tensions from the Chord Pallet. We call this "3 steps mode." Also, if you are using diatonic chords to a few non-diatonic chords, you only need to click root of chords, and this app will do the rest for you. This is called "1 step mode." The Chord Pallet analyzes the key of the chart you are making, and inputs possible chords based on the analysis.
  • Once you chose chords, it'll stay on your "History”, allowing you to input with a single click from then on.



  • Slashes and rhythmic notation can be made just like by drawing a rhythmic figure. Using our original “Rhythm Matrix Pallete” system, it is easy to input what you want to write intuitively.
  • You can write a chord on every rhythm you created!



Macintosh Windows
OS: Mac OS X 13 or later OS: Windows 10 or later
CPU:2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or later CPU:500ͣȣ
Memory:2 GB or more Memory:256ͣ
Resolution:1024x640 or more Resolution:1024x640 or more