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Q:How do I change the size of texts?

A:When you write texts using Text tool, OS font panel will pop up.
You can change the size using the font panel.

Q:Why can't I use short cut commands like "Option+C" or drag selected bars to copy& paste?

A:Right now, you can only use copy tool, paste tool.

Q:When, for example, I change the number of bars in a line(partition) from 4 to 3, last one bar is pushed down to the next line. Do I have to keep adjusting the number of bars for following lines?

A:Clover is designed that changing bar number par line(partition) does not affect bar number on the following lines.
You can delete undesired bar so you don't need to keep adjusting following bars.
We suggest to map out bar numbers for each lines first when you make a score.

Q:Can I transpose only specific bars?

A:Basically, transpose will be applied to all the bars.
Here is how you transpose only specific bars.
Use the Copy & Paste tool, make some new bars, transpose the specific bars and paste them to the new bars.
Then, paste to where you want.

Q:Why notes go an octave up or down when I transpose it?

A:Clover is designed to adjust notes within 5-line staff automatically to keep enough space for chords.Using 8va or 8vb is recommended, or you can transpose notes ±12 with ledger lines as you desired if you don't need to write chords.

Q:How do I delete the chords on a bar when I am trying to write on the bar?

A:You can't use the bars when the Chord window is in active.
To overwrite it, you need to press "Clear" bottom on the right corner of the 3-step mode.
You can close the Chord Window to delete on your bars.

Q:How can I print without margins being cut off?

A:Clover doesn't send margin data when printing out, and the size of margin is depending on a printer.
Please go to Utility to adjust margin when print.

Q:When I am writing a shuffle feel, using 8th notes, where can I find a Swing feel rehearsal marks?

A:We will put it on the next software updates.
For right now, you can use text tool to just write in [swing][shuffle].

Q:Does Clover have an Alto Clef?

A:Clover is for master rhythm lead sheets.
We only have Treble Clef and Bass Clef for current version.
Other clefs will be updated.

Q:How can I delete the triplets once I have written?

A:Once you have made a triplets, you can't delete them separately.
Click select the (3) , to delete the triplets.

Q:How can I write triplets ?

A:You can write triplets, but it will be updated.

Q:Don't articulation marks follow notes?

A:You have to move articulation marks separately to where you want it with current version.
Please wait for our next app updates.